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Shave for a Cure: a heartwarming tale

10 April 2024

In the busy offices of a company nestled in Aotearoa, something special was brewing. Chris Wallace, one of our Switched On Housing R07 Customer Coordinator, had a brilliant idea: a Shave for a Cure fundraiser to help fight Leukemia and Blood Cancer.

Excited by the idea, her colleagues, Adrian Hayes and Norman Hardwick, volunteered to shave their heads too! They set a modest goal of $500, but their enthusiasm spread like wildfire, and the three of them ended up raising a whopping $2127!

When the big day arrived, it was a scene of excitement and camaraderie. In Christchurch, everyone gathered to tautoko-support Norman and Adrian as they bravely said goodbye to their hair.

Norman and Adrian
Norman (left) and Adrian (right) rocking their shaved heads!

Meanwhile, in Hawke’s Bay, they fired up the barbecue and cheered on Chris as she joined the shaved head club. Not only did Chris organise this event, she also donated her shaved hair to The North Sea Oil Spillage recovery group.

"It’s kind of cool to think my blue hair will be capturing oil spillage in the ocean helping the wild life.  I shall be watching out for a blue spot in the next news report."

Chris rocking her in-shave hair styles!
Chris mid shave!

It was an event filled with laughter, support, and most importantly, generosity for a deserving cause. Everyone felt proud to be part of something so meaningful, knowing that their efforts were helping others in need.

A a big thank you to everyone who pitched in, and especially Chris Wallace for championing the initiative! they knew they had made a real difference – one shave at a time.