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Here, we'll share stories about our kaimahi, projects, community kaupapa and successes in the industry. 

New values created by kaimahi

16 October 2023

Earlier this year we consulted with kaimahi values champions and leaders from across the business, then collaborated to establish a set of values and behaviours that truly resonate with our Switched On whānau.​

Values People Picture Combined4

​The motivation for this kaupapa came from our people who expressed a desire for updated values they felt motivated by and more connected to. Together in a series of workshops they provided honest and open feedback on our previous values and shared ideas and stories that helped us to get a better idea of who we are, where we have come from and how we want to behave as an organisation.

We’re proud to present four value statements created for our people, by our people that authentically represent our identity and ​evolution as a Group. ​

  • Hauora matters​: We prioritise wellbeing and show we care, before taking action
  • Manaaki at mahi : We've got each other's backs and work together to achieve shared goals and tackle challenges
  • Customer aroha: We treat our customers like we treat our own whānau
  • Helping our hapori: We care beyond the job and create positive impact in our communities

Values posters mock up3

​These values come with clear guidelines on how our kaimahi can live by them to enrich the experiences of our people, customers, and the hapori we serve.​

Our Group have also been working on a video line-up of compelling conversations with our kaimahi, who share their wealth of wisdom and what it means to embody our Switched On values. The first video released focuses on 'Manaaki at mahi', spoken about by Switched On Group Quality Manager, Nicola Tse.  

”We can never expect one person to have the answer for everything; we all have different skill-sets. It really is a team effort... even if it means pulling people from my team and going 'you know what, you can do that better than me, I want you to do that' because that grows them and you gave them that opportunity. To me, that is part of having your back," she says. 

The rest of the series will be uploaded on our YouTube channel here.

Alongside the refreshed values, the Switched On Group Awesome Awards, our staff recognition initiative, have been re-vamped to thank our kaimahi who live and breathe our values every day. Kaimahi nominate their team members and at the end of the month four staff are awarded with vouchers and certificates outlining what they did and what value they represented with their actions.

Every month we receive more than 40 nominations of incredible individuals who are out there being values champions in their daily work. This initiative inspires our kaimahi to keep the Switched On values at the centre of everything that they do. 

Click here for more information about our Switched On Group values and behaviours.