Board of Directors

 geoff hughes

Geoff Hughes

Founding Director

Geoff started off like 70% of New Zealand businesses, as a one-man band in the wardrobe of the family home back in 1983. Today the company is a real SME and employs over 80 staff operating in Wellington and Christchurch.

Geoff has a wide range of experience in the building industry and includes development, facilities management, building new homes and renovations. His experience is a great base for the business to build on and loves giving advice to Chris on where things are going right or wrong.

He is currently getting plans drawn up for a new house in the Prestons Development and looks forward to overseeing the project.

ChrisH 3

Chris Hughes

Chief Executive Officer

Chris is focused on driving continual performance improvement across the organisation and is passionate about delivering to clients’ expectations.  He is responsible for leading and guiding the executive team, strategy development and implementation as well as developing strong and open relationships with the business’s key clients and suppliers.

Chris has worked in every facet of Switched On’s business operations from site labourer, office administration; work scoping; resource coordination and programming; business development, quality assurance; contract management; general management to strategy development and implementation.  The Switched On Group has grown steadily since its establishment in 1987, and Chris believes that continued growth will be driven through our reputation as a reliable and first class service provider.  

Leon Grandy

Board Member

I commenced banking with Westpac in 1988, four months after the sharemarket crash of 1987. I wrote several training programmes and assisted in the rollout of the Price Waterhouse Accountability training package.
I worked as the new Business Manager for Westpac Asset-based Lending subsidiary AGC Finance Ltd in 1989.

I joined HSBC and worked there for seven years as a Corporate Banking Manager, Credit Manager in Treasury, and Trade Financier before establishing the Commercial Banking Business in NZ under John Blanthorne.

I then worked as the Head of Lending for AXA in NZ under Michael Bargholz, before selling the business to Westpac and Public Trust.

I then joined ABN AMRO Bank, as an Associate Director and Head of the Trade Finance Business in NZ, working for Mike Caird.

At Armillary, I have valued businesses, assisted in sales and acquisition advisory, raised acquisition finance, including mezzanine and subordinated debt for clients. I have assisted in raising non-recourse project finance and leveraged finance for a number of clients, I have led a wide variety of advisory work, restructure transactions, credit portfolio reviews, and ratings submissions. I currently serve on the Board or Advisory Board of several high growth entities. My goal is to help people better understand the impact on the value of the business decisions they make.

Jane George

Board Member

Having spent the last 30 years in consulting and contracting organisations, keen to share and pass on my knowledge, learnings and experience to younger professionals and to learn from them.

Enjoy working in multi-discipline and diverse teams, bringing the best out in individuals to create a high-performance culture to deliver on the promise.

Worked in Europe (UK and Germany) South East Asia (Hong Kong, Mainland China) and New Zealand for construction and consulting organisations.

Experience in and specialist sector interests include :

  • Tourism
  • Infrastructure and Aviation
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Community Services

Jane thrives on creating clarity out of complexity.

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