Our Environmental Approach

We have a formal environmental policy as we are committed to sound environmental management and promoting best environmental practice.

At Switched On, we believe in undertaking all project work to the highest quality standard, while also ensuring that we minimise any possible impact on the environment.

We’re proud of the way our environmental policy extends to every part of the way we work and to every aspect of every project. We are fully engaged in sustainable thinking and are continually looking at innovative ways that we can apply this to our work.

We believe in collaborating with our team, contractors, suppliers, architects, clients and the communities we work in to ensure that the long-term environmental impact of our work is considered from the design stage. This includes careful planning around maintenance on projects, energy efficiency, durability of products, resource use, and waste management to ensure we minimise our environmental impact on all aspects of every project.

We also believe strongly in championing the identification, prioritisation and management of all environmental risks, with the application of our ‘4R’ policy for the use of all resources: reuse, recycle, reduce and recover.

As part of this, we continually review the impact on the environment during all strategic planning and decision making, and remain committed to complying with all legal and other requirements relating to Occupational Health and Safety and taking care of our environment.